Kamal-gate: 25 questions to Syed Mustafa Kamal


Dear Mustafa Kamal, your presser was confusing..

By Ammad Hafeez

3rd March, around 3:00 PM, same news reports were emerging with label of ‘breaking news’ on every single news channels that Karachi’s former mayor, Syed Mustafa Kamal and Anees QaimKhani would hold an emergency press conference and take part in politics. I had figured out that presser wasn’t being conducted with the approval of MQM owing to the fact that media reporters were invited at house in Defence rather than Nine Zero. Lets catch a glimpses of past in the connection of presser, as heretofore, last months, Altaf Hussain had blown the gaff in connection with “new group” in general workers’ meeting. Later on, Mr Hussain instructed to switch off street lights of headquarter –  nine zero street, and urged sitting workers to decamp from street in the darkness, so no one could see anyone. A little while back, Mr Hussain had also babbled to workers in coded words, “Hyderabad wala bik gaya hai”. So, MQM must have planned to get to grips with new emerging group.

Embarking upon a journey from ‘Bhai to Sahab’, former Karachi’s mayor aimed at his party chief in same style that Afaq Ahmed and Amir Khan opted in 90’s. I watched more than 2 hrs lengthy press conference till end, beyond any doubt; I was perplexed by the presser of Altaf Hussain’s pampered boy. I’ve come to a decision that I should write a blog over “controversial presser”. I believe, every Karachiiet wants to question Mr. Kamal following his last day’s presscon. Mustafa Kamal with Anees QaimKhani (silent mode) broke presser into three sections. First one, why did they quit party? Second one, why have they come again? and last one, what will they do next?

  1. Kamal kicked off the presser while boasting that he was enjoying party protocol being member of famed Rabta committee, he had portfolio of senator ship. He added, every senator paid heavy amount to earn the portfolio. – So, Mr Kamal, will you enlighten us that how much amount had you paid for getting this senator ship portfolio to Altaf Hussain?
  2. “We sacrificed our positions, portfolios” – Who awarded you such positions and portfolio? If Altaf Hussain, then you must have to unveil the conditions on which he gave you. How much money did you pay to him?
  3. Joining and quitting PPP-led government – Yes, we witnessed that MQM quit Sindh government and joined back lots of times. Did Altaf Hussain quit government and join back without consensus of second-tier leadership (including you)? Were there any personal interests of him behind this back and forth policy shift? Was he pitching on his family members for ministries in Sindh government after rejoining government?
  4. 8 lac votes for PTI – Mustafa Kamal stated emphatically that Altaf was solely responsible for decline in party’s vote bank in Karachi. Altaf’s controversial statements were forced MQM’s supporters to vote to PTI. Contrasting your statement, in the wake of dissolving long term coordination committee [that decision made you rapacious] and taking front line by Mr Hussain, MQM managed to clean sweep NA-246 polls, cantonment board polls, then local government polls by huge margin. If Altaf Hussain was the reason behind party’s downfall, how could MQM clinch back-to-back winning shots? Conditions were same for voters; MQM couldn’t surprise Karachiiets by development works. Why did MQM supporters still extend their support to MQM by ballot papers? Didn’t Altaf Hussain castigate establishment over forced disappearances, raids and detentions? Had Karachiiets lost their conscience too? Does Altaf Hussain have any magical stick?
  5. Teen-Talwar speech – I’ve noticed that you highly spotlighted Altaf Hussain’s speech regarding swords of teen-talwar. Yes, Altaf Hussain had boasted that his workers could assemble like swords at teen talwar. I agree with you that there was no need to pass such statement, after the statement firing incident was reported at teen talwar too. Question is, why didn’t you discuss in the presser that PTI workers were arrested in connection with firing incident at teen-talwar?
  6. With tears in eyes, SMK uttered that thousands of workers had sacrificed their lives just for Altaf Hussain. – Question is, who killed them? Why didn’t you reveal killers’ name? You said, “You are here just for workers”, then how could you miss that point?
  7. Altaf Hussain as god (Naouzbillah) – Afaq and Amir, both had avowed that they had considered him too. Did Mr Hussain ask you to deem him a god? Why are Karachiiets still voting him notwithstanding allegations? They have also esteemed him as god?
  8. You claimed that MQM’s chief drank heavily and lost consciousness sometimes. – Didn’t the same drunkard bring you in political canvas? Had he regained his consciousness when he chose you as mayor and senator? Prior to mayor ship and senator ship, you were unknown to public and even Bahria Town’s Malik Riaz.
  9. “Rabta committee including me lied in media to shield MQM’s supremo” – Question is, what are the chances that you aren’t dissimulating or playing on others’ hands at this time too, when you are denigrating MQM’s chief?
  10. “Altaf Hussain was taking decision on the basis of channel’s headlines” – You’re making your presser more controversial. You meant, Hussain was heedless of party activities and decisions were mapped out on tickers. Contrary to this, you professed that Altaf Hussain was dealing party activities directly and there was no role of Rabta committee. Does it make sense?
  11. “No one was criminal by-birth, Altaf Hussain made everyone criminal and RAW agent”. – Why didn’t Altaf Hussain make you criminal or RAW agent? How could you manage to become mayor and senator? Were you mayor or senator by birth? How could you present entire Urdu speaking community as killers, criminals and RAW agents without concrete proofs?
  12. “Everyone familiarized with socialism and civilization from Mohajir community, now they are being attributed as RAW agents”. – Who are projecting Urdu speaking community as RAW agents? The first Prime Minister, Mr Liaqat Ali Khan was also labeled as anti-state. Ayub Khan dubbed Fatima Jinnah as Indian agent. Is Altaf Hussain declaring them Indian agent?
  13. “MQM workers faced torture cells for MQM supremo”. – Why are you reluctant to disseminate, who were operating those torture cells? Ok, Altaf Hussain doesn’t care Mohajir community, but why didn’t you unveil, who were torturing innocent Urdu speaking people in torture cells?
  14. MQM’s agenda, fitra and hide collection: How much fitra/hide collection shares had you transferred to London being caretaker of KKF? Being mayor, how much amount from 300 billion had you transferred to London?
  15. “I knew myself and my family had life threats, we would be killed if we opposed Altaf Hussain”. – Why are you opposing Altaf Hussain now? Life and death are with Allah and you knew at that time too when you were apple of Altaf’s eye. Now, who is sewing you up the security protection?
  16. “Our conscience had awakened and we distanced ourselves from party’s wrongdoings”. – Ok, your conscience had awakened in 2013 then why are you coming back in 2016? Were you guys waiting for MQM’s failure in LB polls and Altaf Hussain’s conviction in money laundering?
  17. “Blindfolded and handcuffed Urdu speaking youths are being made public in front of world”. – Same question to you, who are maltreating Mohajir community?
  18. “Everyone from ISI and establishment to governments knew very well that Altaf Hussain had links with Indian spy, RAW”. – This is the highly sensitive statement. ISI, establishment and previous governments, all were indirectly supporting Altaf Hussain for working RAW. Are you trying to implicate this? Your statement has made everyone dubious not only Altaf Hussain. Were COAS, ISI chief, agencies head supporting a RAW-funded political party and its mayor in the development of mega metropolitan? Is RAW such powerful that ISI and agencies were supporting MQM regardless of its connections with Indian spy?
  19. “Altaf Hussain was interrogated by Scotland Yard for three consecutive days, and he revealed all related money laundering and RAW connections”. – Question is, if Altaf Hussain had revealed all before Scotland Yard then why would they cancel his bail and exempt him from appearing before Scotland Yard? Why would Scotland Yard return the seized money and documents to Altaf Hussain and MQM? Had Scotland Yard lost his conscience too? Had Altaf Hussain bought Scotland Yard?
  20. Slip of tongue or what? Mr Kamal urged establishment publicly to help out and bring misguided workers in national spectrum through his political group. He added more that they are starting this journey. “Don’t hate criminals, don’t isolate criminals”, Mustafa Kamal added – Questions is, can you please elaborate “misguided” term? Are you referring workers who are under custody of law enforcement agencies as misguided? Are you referring state’s mercy for them and condition is to join your group?
  21. One side, you blew own trumpet that Anees QaimKhani and you were like kings of Karachi. But still, you are blaming only Altaf Hussain for all. Isn’t surprising?
  22. You made a plea to establishment and agencies not to conjecture that Mohajir are traitors; they are patriots like Punjabis, Pathans and others. You added that 2 million Mohajirs sacrificed lives for the newly state. – Aren’t you ratifying Altaf Hussain that establishment don’t accept Mohajirs as Pakistani nation?
  23. Mustafa Kamal and Anees QaimKhani took three years to come back, but they couldn’t formulate party’s name and flag in three years. It seems like, someone asked you few hours ago to announce new political party, since you couldn’t work on name and flag. You were minister, mayor and senator; and definitely you would know that Pakistan’s flag couldn’t be a flag of any political group. You’re politician, even a group of citizens was going to announce political organization, and they would come with name and flag. I see few reasons behind this that why couldn’t you name your patriotic group.
    1. You are working on some script, and you conducted presser in emergency basis. That’s why; you or [someone else] couldn’t work on your party’s name and flag.
    2. You aren’t interested to run any political organization, your motive was just to decimate Altaf Hussain’s political image.
    3. The last reason could be that you came back to replace Altaf Hussain. Same party, same worker, same name but new leadership.
  24. Mustafa Kamal landed along with Anees QaimKhani in Karachi, but surprisingly, none of any agencies could arrest the wanted absconder. Why? Instead of arresting him, SSU commandos were deployed at house to safeguard JIT nominated criminal.
  25. Mr Kamal repudiated Baldia fire incident, Dr Asim and Umair Siddiqui joint-investigation team reports, next day within 12 hours; Anees QaimKhan name was pulled out from new Baldia JIT report. How? Mustafa Kamal refuted all JIT reports but believing on other JITs in which MQM was being labeled as RAW sponsored party. Why?

On the question of establishment’s back, Mustafa Kamal replied media reporter that they didn’t have armed guards and no one was raiding workers’ houses. But I do not see it as simple as you said Mr. Kamal, in MQM’s fold no one tried to create new faction without establishment’s support. Afaq Ahmed and Amir Khan were overseeing ground activities of Mohajir Qaumi Movement (later Muttahida-QM), and party workers were reporting directly to them. Azeem Tariq and Imran Farooq were political faces of MQM, they were policy makers of MQM. The point is, Afaq-Amir were closed to party workers despite of that establishment had fully supported them. While, you two guys aren’t dealing party activities right now, you guys had quit party three years ago. It is obvious that no one can come back to challenge one of most disciplined political parties without assurance of ‘powerful hands’. In past, same Amir Khan stated in 90’s termed that 19 June was the day of freedom from Altaf Hussain’s fear. Amir Khan had stated that he and Afaq freed innocent MQM workers who were being exploited by party chief. Amir added more that he and Afaq led the way of peace in city of light. Amir pronounced Altaf Hussain “Iblees”. Later-on, Amir Khan came back and exposed establishment and agencies game against Altaf Hussain. So, Mustafa Kamal and Anees QaimKhani must have to answer these questions and they have to clear themselves that they aren’t playing on someone’s signals. Otherwise, they will be faded out from political spectrum like Javed Hashmi, Afaq Ahmed, Zulfiqar Mirza, Nabil Gabol, Chaudhry brothers and Sheikh Rasheed.

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‘The broken shackles of fear’

A lady is casting vote in the presence of couple of Rangers personnel.

A lady is casting vote in the presence of couple of Rangers personnel.

By Ammad Hafeez

Published in the “ARY News”, May 8th, 2015.


Just after the fiasco of Islamabad game, we witnessed the dramatic rising temperature in the politics of state’s economical hub, Karachi and urban Sindh. Out of the blue, Nabil Gabol came out against his newly joined-political party – MQM, inculpated the party that he was receiving life threats within the rank of MQM. As expected, in last week of February, Gabol resigned from the party and NA-246 constituency had joined the marathon of by-polls. There-after Gabol’s resignation, ECP announced the by-elections on a National Assembly seat, NA-246.

It was the start of March, Wednesday’s morning, Rangers contingents raided MQM’s headquarter Nine Zero and claimed to take notorious criminals into the custody. Amir Khan, MQM’s central leader was also detained by Rangers, handcuffed and blindfolded Amir Khan was produced as ‘war criminal’ in anti-terror court. Everyone was anticipating the end of Altaf Hussain’s MQM but Karachi was calm. Smear media campaign had been kicked-off just after Gabol’s departure but all these emerged with momentum following ‘nine zero’ raid. Political parties, especially, PTI and JI launched their elections’ drive in the same span by mudslinging MQM.

In advance of election’s day, when campaigns were being made headway; it was being stirred up that MQM would lose from its home ground. Surprisingly, MQM’s mouthpieces were also envisaging the washout in the wake of Rangers’ connections with NA-246 show of hands. At last, MQM’s spokesmen said in a presser that PTI is trying to snatch party’s mandate at the behest of establishment. Whilst, PTI and JI were claiming, they would white-wash MQM easily.

Contrary to all, in the face of rigorous political isolation and joint-investigation reports (JITs), someone was seemed ‘unflappable’. Yes, he was Altaf Hussain who had divulged the landslide victory in NA-246, two weeks before voting. On the other side, Rangers demanded election commission to install cameras in the polling stations. It was the first ever time in the history of Pakistan’s elections that cameras were installed in the polling stations. Law enforcers were deployed in the polling stations; and ballot boxes were transferred to polling station by Pakistan army personnel.

On 18th April, Altaf Hussain roared with gargantuan procession near Karimabad. MQM claimed that it was the biggest ever show of public power in the history of Karachi. Regardless of political quarantine, Altaf Hussain envisioned record winning; he was calling people to signify common man’s power in upcoming polls. On the day of election, people came out from their homes and MQM clinched record by pocketing ‘95,644’ votes. According to the stats, it was the highest ever votes in the history of Pakistan by-elections. In 2013 by-elections, PML-N’s Obaidullah Shadikhel secured ‘95,210’ votes from NA-71, Imran Khan’s home ground.

The difference between MQM and PTI vote numbers was more than 70,000 votes with 36.72 percent turnout. More than 72% votes were cast in the favor of MQM, 18.8% votes for PTI while JI could get 6.89% votes.

NA-246 voting stats – Ammad Hafeez

NA-246 voting stats – Ammad Hafeez

It was not the end of MQM’s winning streak, on 25th April, cantonment board elections were held across the country in 199 wards. Notwithstanding, MQM emerged as the single-largest political party of Sindh in the cantonment board polls. Out of 44 wards; MQM grabbed the most 19 wards and pulled off first position in the race. The shocking part, none of any political party could seal on second position and independent candidates secured the seconding position with 8 wards. Sindh’s ruling political party, PPP could manage to lock third position with 6 wards. Whilst, the PML-N grappled 5 wards, the PTI bagged 4 wards and the JI pocketed 2 wards only. When we categorize the poll’s results in percentile ranking then we reckon; MQM – 43.1%, PPP – 13.6%, PML-N – 11.3%, PTI – 9% and JI – 4.5%.

Sindh’s cantonment board results – Ammad Hafeez

Sindh’s cantonment board results – Ammad Hafeez

There are eight cantonment boards in Sindh, and MQM is the single political party which can confirm its vice presidents in three cantonment boards (Hyderabad, Faisal and Karachi) out of eight without making alliance with any political party.

Bottom line:

Now, the prevailing perception should be scrapped that MQM enjoys the mandate in urban Sindh on the barrel of gun. It should also be adhered to the notion that political parties cannot be repressed with an iron fist especially such political parties which have origins in common people. The Karachi’s experiment has spilt the beans on that whenever has state-operation been sparked against MQM; it reinforced MQM in the urban Sindh. I infer, MQM couldn’t secure nearly 1 lac votes in the by-polls and couldn’t even manage to clean sweep Sindh’s cantonment board elections, if nine zero was not raided and smear campaigns were not being televised. When, we go over MQM’s performance, we see; MQM didn’t start any prominent development works in urban Sindh in spite of that how it could manage to get landslide victory in NA-246 and Sindh cantonment board elections? Though, MQM has complained numerous times that funds aren’t issued for the city. In other news, Imran Khan has also accepted MQM’s mandate in Karachi last week.

A little while back, MQM has been dubbed as RAW-backed political party, again. Such allegations has invigorated the party in past too. What do you think, if local bodies election to be held in this year then will MQM be victorious with record mandate in Sindh despite RAW agent stamp? You can submit your answer in comment section.

Author is an Electronics Engineer, works in multinational firm and an aspiring writer..

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Prevalent hesitance on military courts

Still and all, authorities should make sure that speedy courts won’t be used for settling political vendetta.

Still and all, authorities should make sure that speedy courts won’t be used for settling political vendetta.

By Ammad Hafeez

Published in the “ARY News”, December 30th, 2014.


One and all were slumped in deep dejection, when the entire world beheld deadly bloodbath in Peshawar school attack. Hundreds of corpses were recovered at the end of the massacre; the prime target was school children. As usual, without further ado, Taliban (TTP) claimed responsibility for killing the hundreds of school children blatantly in the retaliation of military offensive. Aftermath of Taliban’s grisly school attack, Pakistani nation expressed grief and anger at Taliban monsters, heaped pressure on Pakistan armed forces to lift ban on dead penalties and hang militants, their sympathizers without mercy.

In the wake of public’s wrath, all political parties including arch-rivals, PTI and PML-N took a pew to formulate counter strategy against looming menace of terrorism. On the other side, public opinion has also coerced politicians to speak out openly against Taliban groups. Political leaders, like Siraj-ul-Haq, Imran Khan and others who were defied special forces action, and established a good rapport with Taliban groups, could not continue their pro-Taliban policy.  Just posterior to all, we heard on the subject of military courts. Subsequently, the debate started with relevance to military speedy courts whether it should be set up or not. Here and now, majority of political stake holders have ratified to establish special trial courts which will be overseen by military officers. Pakistan’s army chief, Raheel Sharif has assured that special courts will try only ‘jet black terrorists’ like TTP militants.

Nevertheless, the vexed question arises, “will military courts be used for political victimization like past or not?”. It should also be taken into account that if courts are misused then the move will have grave repercussions for the state. In the era of 90’s, Nawaz Sharif had installed military courts twice times in Karachi to dismantle MQM. The first phase of military courts remained valid for approx. three years (1990 to 1993) in Karachi, at that time, Nawaz Sharif was premier of the state. In 1997, Nawaz Sharif established military courts again in his second tenure which were valid for two years. In couple of military courts tenure, numerous cases were reported in connection with the miscarriage of justice. Pakistan armed forces were maligned for the reason of courts, military special benches were used by politicians as vendetta against others. In due course, armed forces overthrew Nawaz’s government in 1999 and army chief – Musharraf declared state emergency. Although, Nawaz Sharif has threatened numerous times to establish ‘military courts’ again in Karachi.

One more time, Nawaz Sharif is willing to set-up military speedy courts and the rationale behind courts is to decimate terrorist outfits in Pakistan. However, such courts do not have any place in the constitutional democracy, first of all, government will have to make few amendments in the constitution to establish speedy courts under the Articles 212-A and 212-B of the constitution. We have to acknowledge that civil courts have failed to adequately perform its responsibility while sentencing militants in speedy manner. Last days, PPP’s co-chairman has also warned Nawaz Sharif that implications of military courts can be used against him and Nawaz Sharif. Zardari feared that he and Nawaz, both could be jailed under the law of military courts.

Notwithstanding, at the present time, speedy courts are obligatory to extirpate the barbarians of Taliban from Pakistan. It’s hour of the need to wage a united war against terror groups, multi-prong strategy should be adopted to focus on all areas. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it’s prime time to adopt a unified and tough policy for countering terrorism. The other side of the coin is that UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has urged Pakistan to abrogate the death penalty, nonetheless, Peshawar school attack has provided the essential rationale for Pakistan to exterminate Taliban brutes.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif is going to implicate military courts rule third time in Pakistan. Still and all, authorities should make sure that speedy courts won’t be used for settling political vendetta. Political and other cases should not be proceeded in speedy courts for making it vexed rule. Madrassas should be registered and regulated, military action should be taken against hate speech mouth-piece under military courts. The sympathizers and financiers of Taliban should be dealt with firmness. The foremost course is that fundamental rights should not be compromised.

Ultimately, it’s the failure of our judiciary system that military courts are being re-established by authorities and common people are also looking towards armed forces. Let’s see, when will judiciary and democratic government discern their failure vis-à-vis countering terrorism? The time has arrived to take stern action against the Taliban with no attempt at concealment just like they accept the responsibility of terrorist attacks openly.

Author is the student of Electronics Engineering, an aspiring writer, he loves to analyze the current affairs and political scenarios. He tweets as @Rectified_guy (ammad.rectified@gmail.com)

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October and its surprising episodes

Flyer: ‘The Great Chinese Festival’

Flyer: ‘The Great Chinese Festival’

By Ammad Hafeez

We are getting back-to-back surprises in the month of October, if we talk about current affairs then we witness escalating political changes. Last week, PPP organized political gathering to signify its public power and later PAT demonstrated ‘gigantic’ public rally on the next day.

We discerned rising political heat from MQM’s stance, when the political party, MQM fulminated against its coalition party (PPP) over derogatory remarks, ‘Mohajir’ as a ‘pejorative’ term. Subsequently, MQM decided to part ways with PPP-led Sindh government.Beyond the shadow of a doubt, these political developments were nothing less than surprising and attention-seeking. I was considering the pros and cons of ongoing political and social affairs on WhatsApp messenger with my friends. We were anticipating future political evolution in Pakistan.

Fast forward, all of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of some festival’s post on my Facebook time-line.I scrolled up to see that post, and then I caught sight of flyer which said ‘The Great Chinese Festival’. At that moment, I considered how could it be possible? We heard about Fast Food Festival last Tuesday and now a Chinese Festival on 21st October? I had to look into it. To my surprise,it was indeed yet another festival from foodpanda.

The Chinese festival is offering you to orderyour favorite Chinese disheson discount rates. Karachi-based restaurants are also taking part in this. Oishi Sushi, Golden Dragon, China Ming,China Grill and Red Emperor, all are offering 50% off on entire menu.

Prawns are my all-time favorite, so I would go for ‘Prawn Manchurian’ and ‘Chinese soup’ owing to the fact that the festival would be incomplete without it.Somewhere, I have also readthat soup is served as the last course of the meal in China.

Thus, it would be the second consecutive festival after fast-food festival. It wouldn’t be wrong to term as ‘October surprises’.  We don’t know, and can’t even predict that what’s coming more in this month.

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Bilawal, control your ‘Namaloom Afraad’

Bilawal, control your ‘Namaloom Afraad’. Karachi is not your Kingdom.

Bilawal, control your ‘Namaloom Afraad’. Karachi is not your Kingdom.

By Ammad Hafeez

Published in the “ARY News”, October 18th, 2014.


Just posterior to the politics of long-marches and sit-ins, Pakistani politics has been embarked on the season of public gatherings. Neither, PTI and PAT, both could achieve their promised goals nor these forces could send Nawaz Sharif’s government home. Though, both have succeeded to undermine Nawaz’s image by making ‘Go Nawaz Go’ slogan viral. Firstly, PTI staged gathering in Karachi to display public power and interestingly Imran Khan and his party leaders didn’t utter a single word against MQM instead they lambasted PPP. In Karachi’s convention, Imran Khan had announced, “Next target is interior-Sindh, I am coming to give interior Sindh people freedom”. Thereupon, media and political parties (especially PPP and PML-N) depicted PTI Karachi gathering as ‘secret alliance’ with MQM. Surprisingly, none of anyone from PTI or MQM defied such reports regarding secret alliance. Notwithstanding, we had already discerned the rising heat from PPP’s dugout. In due course, PPP disclosed a public gathering in the retaliation of Imran Khan’s statement in the same city – Karachi and officially claimed that people from all four provinces would come to attend it and it would be the historical ones.

Namaloom Afraad:

Still and all, I am not castigating PTI or PPP for staging political rallies in Karachi but I opted to write for some disturbing reasons.

Following weekends, including my father and people of Karachi went their offices but sadly they faced hectic environment while returning back to home. When my father reached MA Jinnah road/Numaish, the business road had been sealed up and PPP’s masked men contingents were barricading people forcibly. I don’t know why they were hiding their faces but they were misbehaving people too. As resulted, adjacent Garden and Saddar roads were jam-packed. The crunching question is, “Why has PPP quarantined Karachi-iets just prior week to its Jalsa?”

Media reported that traders and businessmen have also been browbeaten by some Namaloom Afraad (unknown miscreants) and they have been terrorized to close their businesses until 18th October’s gathering wouldn’t come to a head. O Bilawal, who are these Namaloom Afraad and why are they threatening common citizen? Bilawal, will you or PPP-led Sindh government take swift action against these black hats?

In other news, PPP labor division of SITE area has issued ‘notification letters’ to all industries. It has been told in those letters to ensure presence at gathering site and attendance of industries’ workers would be taken there.

Misuse of state machinery:

PPP, the sloganeer of democracy is massively abusing the state machinery of Sindh government blatantly just for the sake of the rally. Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC)’s sports complex has been earmarked for PPP workers (who are reaching Karachi from interior Sindh and across the country) to stay for rally. Toilets are also being made in the same sport complex.

On a lighter note, school’s administrators are also being pressurized to shutdown schools on 17 and 18 October. Holiday has been declared for municipality corporations in Karachi, beyond doubt, KMC workers are also been asked to join Jalsa on 18th Oct.

People from interior Sindh are also being brought in Karachi for convention. PPP local office-bearers and leaders promised them that they will become domiciled in Karachi.

To a large extent, all leading roads of Karachi city including MA Jinnah road, Shahra-e-Faisal (especially Karsaz side), Punjab chowrangi and others have already been fenced in. It’s highly perturbing that Karachi police chief isn’t holding any press conference regarding illegal blockade of Karachi’s leading roads. I was expecting that he would definitely come out to condemn such hooliganism and he would order law enforcers to remove barricades and open roads. Nevertheless, we didn’t see any action.

Karachi under siege:

Karachi has been transformed as Israeli occupied Palestine (Gaza) and occupied Kashmir. Seems like, curfew has been imposed in Karachi for PPP’s forthcoming public rally and people’s movements have been embargoed. People have been barred from standing on their roofs and windows. In this response, Karachi police has already distributed ‘security survey forms’ in the neighborhoods (The glimpse of survey form).

Here and now, guests are not allowed in the residences around gathering spot; the reason is that PPP-led government has put ban on guest’s arrival. On that account, citizens can not entertain guests from 16th to 19th October.

The lies of Jiyalas:

If PPP claims that it’s all happening just for the sake of Bilawal’s security then why did Bilawal Zardari tweet that he was not getting any terrorist’s threats? Why did Bilawal tweet that media was spreading fabricated news regarding threats and security risks?

It’s confusing that who’s saying right either PPP-Sindh or Bilawal? Last days, Bilawal’s PPP-led Sindh government had issued home department’s letter warning of possible attack on Bilawal. PPP’s newbie political head should consult his party first then tweet any adventurous tweets. If we deem Bilawal as right then question arises, what is the reason behind Karachi-siege? Is Karachi Bilawal’s kingdom? Should we have to assume that Karachi isn’t the vote bank of PPP, that being so people of Karachi is being jailed in their houses and threatened public? I want to get answers that who will justify these PPP’s irksome stances?

In the end, I will ask Bilawal to control his Namaloom Afraad; your Bilawal House is mapped in Karachi, Karachi isn’t delineated in your Bilawal House. This is the city of light – Karachi, not your Kingdom.

Author is the student of Electronics Engineering, an aspiring writer, he loves to analyze the current affairs and political scenarios. He tweets as @Rectified_guy (ammad.rectified@gmail.com)

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Here’s why I am going to celebrate The Great Fast Food Festival…

Here’s why I am going to celebrate The Great Fast Food Festival…

Here’s why I am going to celebrate The Great Fast Food Festival…

By Ammad Hafeez

In the end of September, before mid-term examinations, we (university friends) had planned for some farewell get-together. The farewell party’s idea was proposed on the conclusion of final mid-term exams of 8th semester of electronics engineering (the last semester). After a period of time, we were busy in exams for the week and then the holidays of ‘greater Eid’ had approached.

At the end of holidays, this Monday, we all friends went university and met there. Here and now, the crunching question was that where should we go to spend some worth remembering times of the last semester. All and sundry was brainstorming that what should be the spot?

Abruptly, Waleed (one of university friends) shouted and said, “I have searched out the compulsive digital event”. Then, he showed us a tweet belonging “The Great Fast Food Festival” which was tweeted by his friend. The festival features 100+ deals from 50+ restaurants and gives up to 50% discount. When all was said and done,we mutually agreed on that deal.

According to the details, the Great Fast Food Festival is a one day festival so it will last till 14th October. Fast food giants like KFC, Subway and Johnny Rockets will serve your favorite fast food items with a range of discounts. More discount’s details can be found here.

On 30th September, “The Great Karachi Pizza festival” was also announced, there, we could order Pizza at 50% discount but unfortunately, we missed the chance to attend this just because of mid-term exams. Now, we have been freed, and another festival has been made public. Optimistically, we will be fond of our mid-term farewell celebration with this festival.

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Eid-Ul-Azha; When everyone gets to party

Eid-Ul-Azha; When everyone gets to party

Eid-Ul-Azha; When everyone gets to party

By Ammad Hafeez

Eid-ul-Azah, the holy feast of the sacrifice, which nourishes our devotion and willingness to sacrifice everything in accordance with Allah’s will. This eid, we sacrifice animals (goat, camel, sheep or cow) in the name of Allah (SWT) and follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). It has also been perceived that men commemorate this eid more passionately than women. The feast of the sacrifice doesn’t only give lesson to sacrifice in the name of Allah or sacrifice for human race rather it edifies the roots of equality with sharing of animals’ meat into three ‘equal’ slices.

As per tradition, we celebrate the three days of eid by inviting relatives. Like me, I had tough and busy routine in all three days, the first day I was busy at my home and was facilitating guests whilst the other two days, I and my family were booked for relatives.

Following three days family-gathering, men and especially the younger ones in the family make up their minds for ‘barbeque’ and dedicate any weekend for this purpose. We also planned the traditional BBQ night get-together (just after a week of Eid-ul-Azah) and I noticed while surfing twitter that most of my twitteratis had already posted tweets for BBQ feast on the same night.

One of my twitter’s friends, Mrs. WajeehaHussain tweeted that she would definitely miss the charm of Karachi’s Baqr-e-Eid while dwelling abroad, she emphasized that she would miss ‘BihariKababs’ and barbeque night parties. The other twitterati, Mrs. SabeenGhauri intercepted me when I was tweeting regarding BBQ parties, and she tweeted that her 11-years-old son is also enjoying BBQ party with his friends on the top roof.

I enjoyed barbeque the whole night with my family friends and relatives on the same weekend. Next morning, everyone was tired and no one was ready to make breakfast. Hence, we decided to order breakfast from restaurants, and then we ordered pepperoni and cheese omelets via this online food portal. Fast forward, breakfast items were delivered in the estimated time.

Nowadays, barbeque parties have become a tradition mainly on the eve of EidulAzah, even poor families, who cannot afford meats in daily life, also celebrate nights like barbeque nights just because of the ‘feast of the sacrifice’ owing to the fact that Islam preaches us to share one portion of meat to poor people. Ultimately, poor people rejoice the eid with their families.

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