Marriages just like profession for Sharif family

Recently, I saw a clip related to Son of PML-N Leader and Khadim e Aala of Punjab ‘Humza Shahbaz’. Humza Shahbaz’s marriage scandal revealed on screen. PML Q Leader Ahad Malik, earlier he was member of PML N and was important part of PML N. Shahbaz Sharif got married with her daughter ‘Ayesha Ahad Malik’ but due to the political issues left her after six months. Humza Shahbaz left Ayesha after full filling his desires as like his father Shahbaz Sharif and uncle Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz family registered false cases against her to dodge this matter. Riffat Ahad w/o Ahad Malik revealed that Nawaz family enjoy marriage with teenage girls after fulfilling their desires, they left them. On 18 Feb, Police party raided on Ayesha malik House and tried to remove all evidences of this marriage. But fortunately, They saved all documents and earlier send all documents to Islamabad. Humza Sharif promised Ayesha malik that he never left her alone. Case on Ayesha Malik related to her maid was also fake and fabricated. Afterwards, Nawaz family used power and allied forces to threatened them and lodge another case against them regarding illegal arms. Nawaz family tried hard to hide this case & use all power. Ayesha’s brother stated, Nawaz family hatching conspiracies against us to stop us. He further stated: They are in danger, their lives are in danger. He appealed to punjab CJ and CJP to help them in critical situation.

It has been proved that Sharif family is such like sexual animals. Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif marriage cases are also famous.

Shahbaz Sharif’s first marriage was with his cousin Nusrat Shahbaz in 1973, with the approval of his father, the late Mian Muhammad Sharif. They have two sons Hamza Shahbaz and Salman, and three daughters.

Shahbaz Sharif’s second marriage was with Aaliya Honey in 1993-94. They have one daughter, Khadija. He divorced her while in exile in Saudi Arabia.

Shahbaz Sharif has a third marriage with Tehmina Durrani. Shahbaz Sharif married at a secret but well attended ceremony in Dubai in 2003

Humza Shahbaz just following his father foot prints and making marriages for short term or just for sexual desires. Its just like family profession of Sharif family to get married with girls / women then left her after some months. PML N Leaders should have to be shame on this.

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31 Responses to Marriages just like profession for Sharif family

  1. Muhammad Ali says:

    Sharif family is most pathetic family of Pakistan, it lacks character, credibility and more importantly respect.

    • hamza says:

      ooo yarroooo i think we should also look at the previous records of his wives character,.,they all were divorced.that doesnt mean that he protect them.but he was a king of punjab and power and politics.,.,power,., ladies attract,.,dont you agree

  2. Arslan says:

    It’s punishment for Ahad Malik,s family as they left PPP and joined PML (N) in the past.

  3. Muhammad Umar says:

    Shareef family is doing like Raja Inder of Hindustan. They always use government power for their illegal activities also media to declair inocent their ownself. Its decession of ALLAH when someone cross the end limit he will be collaps. It will soon Insha ALLAH

  4. This is the reason that popularity of the PML(N) have been finished.

  5. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    This is really shameful for the family like them,they should have been a role model for other Pakistanis.This is really disgusting and downgrading the integrity of Pakistan.
    Shame on Sharif family.

  6. zain says:

    they all are bastard sons of a bitch shareef family is just like babra sharif bhen ki choot in sab ki begheraton ki awlad hain yeh sub gandu

  7. dr says:

    How many of you know Ahad Malik?How many of you know Ayesha Ahad? I am not with any of Sharif’s but dear friends the other side is even worse than this….please ask abt these people from some big shots of Lahore…u will come to know

  8. sarah says:

    so if they are that bad…lay shareef larkiyon sai 6 maheenay shadi kartay hain..why does this “shareef” larki married him…apparently her mother knew about the reputation of shareef family why did she allow her “shareef” daughter to marry this non-shareef guy ??? they are all the same…they marry for lust and the girls marry for money…and if they dont get enough they blackmail…she is not bechari at all..

  9. kamran says:

    its a pity that we have such ldrship among us. i speak to the younger generation of pakistan that plz wake now and try to get rid of these people. for that you have to strengthen imran khan a true pakistani and a devoted leader.

  10. CSI says:

    vote for Imran Khan. Leave Zardari’s and Sharif’s

  11. QAMAR says:

    It is a routine matter of sharif family

  12. niazai says:

    I dont know how is the think tank in PML(N) On one side this is the repute of this family ,and on other side they are thinking politic is like itifaq industry ,PL NOTE MY THIS STATEMENT ;IF THEY TRIED TO GO ALONE IN NEXT ELECTION (,WHICH SEEMS TO BE BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT POLITATIONS THEY ARE FACTORY OWNER) THEY WILL NOT WIN EVEN IN PUNJAB ,WHAT TO TALK OF PAKISTAN, Pl try to make friends in politiec also I LL NEVER REQUEST YOU TO SHAKE HANDS WITH PPP -OR- MQM but their are many other parties try to convince PTI -PMLQ-JAMAT ISLMI-AND ANP- IF you are intrested in next election .

  13. eman says:

    its so unfortunate that we have sharif’s has our leaders who dont even have shame they should be kicked out of pakistan for what they did to a women from there own family hamza u r a bastard be man u fugly hamza sharif and stop usin make up

  14. sara ali khan says:

    i dont think changing party should be so big an offence that women of a reapectable family are used as pawn to take revenge it doesn’t behove leaders of a country to stoop down to such levels of using women to harm their opponents if this can happen to the AHAD family,next time their taeget can be someone else as well…

  15. ali ayaz says:

    we all should help ayesha ahad coz she is right and that is something we all know lets get together and help i will take a stand for her coz i dont want hamza to do the same with someone else in this world

  16. ali ayaz says:

    For all those who dont know who AYESHA AHAD is and why we are asking for justice.. AYESHA AHAD is the daughter of Punjab.. she has been involved illegally in a fake kidnapping case because the Punjab govt is involved. she is the voice of every woman who has fallen prey to the lust of politicians. she was married to Hamza shahbaz shareef.. she was threatened and dragged to jail, she was tortured mentally and physically by Zilfiqar Cheema and was told that if she raises her voice against the people involved, the police would kidnap her mother and sisters and lock them up too.. oh people of pakistan, is the way to treat a woman from a reputable family? is this the way to torture and abuse our daughters? is there no justice left in the world. Hamza Shahbaz Shareef and his brother in law Ali Imran kidnapped her on the 17th of february 2011 and forced her to sign papers that said that she is not Hamza’s wife and is only ruining his reputation and demands 50 crore from him. moreover she was told that she will be released in half an hour if she does so. but she stood strong and disagreed.. the same night her house was raided and important documents that signified their marriage were attempted to be stolen, but she had already transferred the documents to islamabad where they would be kept safe. ALI IMRAN (owner of ALI TOWER on mm alam rd), Hamza’s brother in law got HER DAUGHTER’S CAR CRASHED but she survived.. to this day her house is raided every now and then and gangsters, who are sent by ALI IMRAN and MAQSOOD BUTT(chief reporter of JUNG newspaper) and investigator officer Zilfiqar Cheema are sent who threaten her not to raise her voice. Maqsood Butt put offers in front of her daughter saying that Ayesha Ahad will be released if she signs a blank paper which will later be filled assurin =g that she was not married to Hamza Shareef. AYESHA AHAD requested and informed top anchors, leaders of different political parties, ISI Nawaz Shareef and Shahbaz Shareef that her life is in danger but all in vain. but Allah will take his toll on such criminals. YOU the people are the voice of our nation.

  17. sara ali khan says:

    oh my God they r so cheap hamza u bastard

  18. rameez sultan says:

    salam ! Itz not like tht ayesha malik is pure n simply soft innocent girl,it might be possible tht she do nt hav a good character..i heard tht she mostly seen in dance parties and her fav activities are to hav rich boy friends,so tht she could enjoy her life.better cnfrm thn blame..fools get in where angels fear to tread…

  19. Moiz says:

    actually shafief family is mother fucker by born. they always use girls and womens as a tool for their enjoyment and power. when they purchase Raiwind stat, they use police and other sources to threatened people. lot of people refuse to sale their property, so they decide to teach them a lesson. they order their men to kidnap the daughters of the villagers. current Punjab minister of jails ch.Gafoor ( Bagart, mother fucker) was leading those bastards n kidnap dozens of girls and force them to sign the property documents. this way they got land of their stat. only one family resist and kill 7 his men when they attack on their houses. they r still their n always take weapons with them. This case is pending for last 16,17 years in Lahore high court. CASE IS STILL PENDING AND COURT NVR ISSUE ORDER TO OPEN IT……

    Mother fucker type words r very small for this family. their is no difference bw Zardari and Shariefs. both kidnap daughters of people and transfer their properties and wealth. both sides are mother, daughter,
    sister fucker.


  20. Shaukat says:

    Ohh! My God

  21. Shaukat says:

    Yeh karnamy prny se pahly me in ki boht respect krta tha bt. . . . . Yeh b saly gandu he nikly

  22. Tariq says:

    I have one question to all of you. Why do we elect such bastards over and over again? I don’t blame them. We should blame ourselves. Everybody knows where did the Sharif family got all that wealth from and despite of that we vote for them.

    We as a nation should open our eyes and throw these rotten eggs out of the basket forever.

    I salute sister Ayesha who stood up against these culprits and made them naked in front of the whole nation.

    I urge all the readers of this topic to join hands together and get rid of Sharifs, Zardaris, Bhuttos and everyone who has raised is bank balances and properties deceiving the poor masses of our beloved country Pakistan.

  23. Yahya says:

    Ayesha Ahad is from no angle a TEENAGER !!! even if he has divorced her its a personal matter not a national issue. We pakistanis need to devote our time to constructive issues. Imran Khan has an illegetimate daughter whose mother i.e Sita White is also dead !!! but he is so spineless that he doesnt take responsibility of the poor kid. But still we are ready to give the responsibility of our country to him

  24. abdom says:

    Meri saari hamdardi Ahad Malik family k sath hay.

  25. Dr Ahsen says:

    yaar jaan chorro zardaryon , chohdryon aur shareefon ki ab !!!

  26. wajid says:

    it does not matter, peopa of punjab dont want to listen thier scandals. infact these true scandles help shareef’s family in political way, log yeh nai daikhtay k baat kia ho rahi hai balkay daikhtay hai k keh kon raha hai, jaisay k rehman malik wala case, saboot dikhay mgar log rehman baba ko jhoota smjhtay hai,

  27. John says:

    Ana kosay katayn zamiran tay police walayn de rana chodern tu fursit nai mildi ana nay saday maslay ki hal karnay.

  28. Uz jaa says:

    Ana Kosay katayn nu Zamidaran tay police walayan di chorai hoi ranaa chodern tu fursit nai mildai ana nay saday masalay ki hal karnay.Khuda ana nu sahai rastay tay chalarn di tifiq daway.

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